Anti-Bullying Campaign / Animated Short



Whilst studying at De Montfort University we were given a brief from RJDM Studios titled "Bullying", which involved creating an anti-bullying animation, using a multi-media aesthetic. We named this animation 'Aftermath'. Our task was to design and create our own characters to feature in the animation and create a story to shed light on bullying in the UK & Ireland.


After the storyboard, animatic and video referencing stages we designed, modelled, textured, rigged and animated a total of 6 characters in the animation. We recorded real footage and imagery of classrooms and featured them in the 3D animation.

The story follows Vic, a schoolboy who is seen being tormented in his dreams and reality by bullies.



The final animation was shown in the De Montfort University Degree Show 2017 and although its one of our earliest animations and we've improved greatly since it still brings us pride to see others moved by our work.

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