Arcade Avatars

Cartoon Pilot / Opening Sequence / Animated Short



During our time at De Montfort University we studied a Masters in Animation. As part of our course we proposed a project that would recreate a 1980s animated cartoon using modern day technology and sensibilities. Our task was to create an animated opening sequence based on an existing 1980s cartoon, we chose 'Dungeons & Dragons', and design and create a story and characters to be featured in it that will represent modern society. This project was called 'Arcade Avatars'.


'Arcade Avatars' is an animated opening sequence inspired by 'Dunegons & Dragons' but is a modern take of the cartoon series, re-imagined for modern day audiences. It features 14 characters, including the 5 protagonists that enter the arcade world and change into their avatar forms. The group must battle through the enemies and antagonists in order to return back to their world.


After a lot of research into 1980s and modern day cartoon representations we created the storyboards, animatics and video reference materials to help support the animation. Following from this we designed, modelled, textured, rigged and animated all characters in the animation, as well as the 3D environment.


The animation was a huge success and enabled us to achieve our Masters degrees! This was one of our favourite projects to work on and we appreciate all the help we received from Tim Gray, animation lecturer at DMU. A huge thank to Michael Picher for providing the soundtrack to this project!


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