3D mascot Cooper Fox from animation studio Lead Balloon Studios
A 3D mascot called Cooper Fox from Lead Balloon Studios

Cooper Fox 🦊


Cooper Fox is a sports mascot, who loves to play football!
Initially a pitch to a local football club.

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Cooper Fox, 3D mascot, UK

Cooper Fox 🦊

@Cooper Fox -


Hi, I'm Cooper! Cooper the Fox! I'm a sports mascot who loves a game of football and hanging with my friends. I'm a 3D mascot who loves to show off on all my social media platforms. I'm expressive, funny and entertaining, and I love to attract the attention of others!
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Cooper Fox, 3D character from Lead Balloon Studios, Northern Ireland

Cooper Fox 🦊

@CooperFox -


Fully redesigned from the ground up using state of the art CGI, Cooper Fox has never looked better! With the power of animation Cooper is now capable of more than ever before, from a simple facial expression to a fully animated kids show!

#CooperFox #CooperCity #Foxes

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3D mascot character Cooper Fox

Cooper Fox 🦊

@CooperFox -


Cooper and Friends - A cartoon for young kids about teamwork taught through football.

Also perfect for social media and incredibly shareable! Take selfies with Cooper using our crazy cool Instagram Filters! So many options, your imagination is the only limit!

#CooperFox #CooperCity #Foxes

3D character mascot Cooper Fox from Lead Balloon Studios, UK

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