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Our friends at De Montfort University's DMUworks approached us to create an animated short promoting their services as the student & graduate enterprise team. Our task was to encourage creative individuals, who had a business idea or plan, to contact the DMUworks team to help launch their business off the ground! We wanted to cover as much ground as possible, by including a range of different faculties and diversity, our goal was to aim this at everyone with a business idea.


After the pre-production phase of storyboarding and animatics we 3D modelled, textured, rigged and animated all six characters using backgrounds from the University campus itself.

Group of 3D characters used in DMUworks promotional 3D animation
Group of 3D characters used in DMUworks promotional 3D animation

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The animation is featured not only on DMU's social media pages but on the De Montfort University campus across all screen TVs including the Vijay Patel outdoor screen! This project was a joy to work on and we can't wait to see our work shown around De Montfort University once again.

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