Lium the Balloon, 3D character mascot UK
Lium the 3D mascot of Lead Balloon Studios, UK
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Lium The Balloon  🎈


A brand new Social Mascot for Lead Balloon Studios!

📅 Joined February 2020

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Lium the Balloon, a 3D social media mascot

Lium The Balloon 🎈

@LiumTheBalloon -

Just Now

As a social mascot Lium is part of the team at Lead Balloon Studios! Giving us the confidence to approach social media in new creative ways has driven us to enjoy social media hour in our office! Our unique approach to mascots even got us nominated for an Innovation in Business award! Get yours today and feel confident about social media!

#SocialMascot #LeicesterBusinesses #SocialMedia #InnovationAward

Niche Business Awards 2020 nomination, Lead Balloon Studios

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3D social media mascot Lium the Balloon

Lium The Balloon 🎈

@LiumTheBalloon -


Lium was initially designed to interact with the people of Leicester! Unfortunately the world entered a crisis and we were restricted to a home office, so Lium became our way of interacting with the outside world through social media!

#SocialMascot #LeicesterBusinesses #SocialMedia #InnovationAward

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3D animation of 3D mascot Lium the Balloon from Lead Balloon Studios

Lium The Balloon 🎈

@LiumTheBalloon -


We created a range of animated gifs for Lium's social media! These can be used by anybody to express their mood in a fun way whilst helping our marketing by sharing our social mascot! Find them here:

#SocialMascot #LeicesterBusinesses #SocialMedia #InnovationAward


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