3D character mascots from Lead Balloon Studios


3D rabbit mascot from Lead Balloon Studios

Make Your Brand A Buddy!

Struggling to engage your audience? Not a fan of the spotlight? Self-promotion falling flat?

Stop blending in and STAND OUT with a brand mascot!

With friendly recognisable faces, our character animations are designed to embody your brand's core values for all to see! *Self-promotion is perceived well when it comes from a company mascot, not a company itself!

Become A Recognisable Face In Your Industry with a 3D mascot!

3D explainer video for CODE Student Acommodation

Lead Balloon Studios more than delivered on the brief!

Simon Baines - DMUWorks


Mascot Production

Advertise a new product or service through an animated mascot! Become a social media star! Interact with your audience in ways you've never dreamed of! Anything is possible with your very own brand mascot.

Whether you already have an idea for a brand mascot or you want to outsource the entire production to us, we create engaging content for a variety of platforms, including:

Social Media  |  Advertising  |  Events  |  Website  |  3D Print

3D mascot frog character from Lead Balloon Studios
Lium the Balloon, a 3D mascot character at Lead Balloon Studios

Excellent work on our 3D animation request, with a rapid turn around and a friendly team!

Connor Snape - RYVM UK


Some Coooool Characters



Lead Balloon Studios' Mascot

Lium is Lead Balloon Studios' very own mascot! As cheeky as he is clever Lium is all about ...


Niche Rabbit

Awards Mascot

The Niche Rabbit is the mascot for the Niche Business Awards 2021! He is seen in various animations ...



Video Game Mascot

He is a happy and energetic dragon, created for the Indie Game Studio CAPDRAGON!  ...