Aardman Animations are showing the way to help improve the younger generation's mental health

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Early last month (February 2021), the animation company ‘Aardman Animations’ teamed up with local Loughborough University academics and multiple mental health charities to launch a series of online videos aimed at tackling the problems related with the mental health of young adults aged 17-24.

The videos utilise five individual characters of who are battling the common issues of loneliness, social media, perfectionism, independence and competiveness.

The campaign, title “What’s Up With Everyone?” uses authentic voicing, genuine representations and relatable scenarios to do with the lives of young adults in society today.

Take a look at the videos here:

The animation videos have been extremely welcomed in the public eye and have gained a lot of traction across social media in the previous weeks. They have been hugely successful with raising awareness within the topics with honest and thought provoking narratives.

Daniel Binns (animation director at Aardman Animations) said “We wanted to create content that could come up on someone’s social media and elicit the response ‘I know that feeling”.

The campaign has come at a time where lockdown has put a spotlight on young peoples’ mental health. 75% of young peoples’ mental health problems are caused by experiences before the age of 24 (

Additionally, an NHS survey published last October found one in six young adults and children with likely mental health disorders, compared to one in nine just three years earlier.

Through this collaboration, the Wallace and Gromit creators have allowed young people to become more aware of the factors that may be having a negative impact on their mental health.

To find out more about the campaign, please visit:

3D character mascot from Lead Balloon Studios, animation studio in Northern Ireland, UK. Aardman Animations on mental health