Can Animation Be Done On Your Phone? | Top 5 Animation Apps for Mobile!

Over the years, technology has vastly improved; especially for our smartphones. You can now download an app for pretty much anything! And that includes animating. We've listed below our top 5 animation apps for mobile, and these are all FREE to download!

Stop Motion Studio

Number 1: Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is a great app for working in stop motion animation. It has a very simple interface with many useful tools, such as video filters, rotoscoping, touch up features and more. It's the perfect app for anyone looking into practising stop motion animation!

Mooltik - storyboard and animate cartoons

Number 2: Mooltik - storyboard and animate cartoons

For 2D animators out there, Mooltik is a great app for creating storyboards and animatics. With features allowing you to import audio, create layers and add annotations, Mooltik is very easy to use for beginners and enjoyed by experienced animators.

Animation Desk - Cartoon & GIF

Number 3: Animation Desk - Cartoon & GIF

Featured in various awards, Animation Desk is an excellent animation app with plenty of features! Perfect for 2D animators, Animation Desk has tools for onion skinning, layers and a frame timeline. As well as animation, you can create your animatics and storyboards in this software too!

FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation Creator & Art Studio

Number 4: FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation Creator & Art Studio

Another great app for frame-by-frame animators, FlipaClip has everything you need to animate! It enables you to import audio, draw and add text; it even supports stylus pressure, perfect for those who enjoy drawing on a tablet. This one is definitely work checking out if you're a 2D animator!

Creative Cloud Express: Design

Number 5: Creative Cloud Express: Design

Originally known as Adobe Spark, this Adobe app has a lot included and not just animation tools. You'll be able to create animated photos and text using this app, but if you're looking more animation-heavy apps we recommend checking out the above mentioned ones!

We hope you enjoyed reading through these top 5 animation apps for mobile. If you own a smartphone or tablet (which we're sure most of us do!) we recommend giving some of these apps a try!

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