CAPDRAGON Game Launch! @ The Innovation Centre

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was CapDragon's big day, their game launch of Night of the Thieving Drones: Tournament Version, a pre-release version intended for competition! The event took place at De Montfort University's Innovation Centre. We are so grateful to have been invited to this event and take part in the game's launch. The team at Lead Balloon Studios were thrilled to be a part of CapDragon's brand design, which saw us design and create the CapDragon mascot, as well as animate the splash screen, design banners and more!

Co-Founders of Lead Balloon Studios at video game launch event, UK
Dee and Lolo posing beside one of the CapDragon banners!

CAPDRAGON video game launch event, Leicester, UK
Chris Allen & Chris Ebbs during their presentation

Chris Allen and Chris Ebbs of CapDragon presented to fellow Crucible colleagues, family and DMU media representatives alike on their newest game release. Night of the Thieving Drones: Tournament Version is a mobile game that has you protect treasures from thieving drones. You must shine a light on the drones in order to destroy them and keep your treasures safe. The more drones you destroy the higher your score.

3D printed CAPDRAGON mascot trophy prizes
Bronze, silver and gold trophies of the CapDragon mascot!

During the event CapDragon created a leader-board and challenged all attendees to download and play the game; with the top three people winning trophies at the end of the night! The first, second and third place trophies featured Capdragon's mascot himself! Painted in gold, silver and bronze colours.

Night of the Thieving Drones game event, Leicester, UK
Unfortunately we didn't win any trophies, but these lovely people did: a huge congratulations to them!

The event was a huge success, with many gamers giving positive feedback regarding the game! With just over a month of hard work from the team at Lead Balloon Studios and even longer from CapDragon the launch was a great success!

DMU covered the event and wrote an article here, we recommend checking it out!

See you soon and don't forget to smile!

Lolo & Dee