How To Price Your Animations

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How much is your craft worth? How much is your time worth? These are questions that befall all businesses, freelancers and novices alike.

Animation is a lengthy process that takes years of practice and education to learn and more to master. Unfortunately all of that "exposure" we've gained from Timmy's Instagram isn't putting food on the table so we've had to start asking for currency in exchange for animation. Timmy's thirty followers are heartbroken. But how should you price your service?


First, lets understand the basic difference between a service, product and end-product.

  • A service is when you pay someone to do something for you. i.e. drive you to work

  • An End-Product is the final outcome of a service. i.e. reaching your destination

  • A product is an item. i.e. a car

Illustration for animation services

Now that we've discussed that, are you providing a service or a product?

If you are painting or animating or mowing the lawn, you're providing a service.


Now it's time to figure out how much you should charge for that service. How much is your time worth?

You could start by checking what competitors are pricing their services at. It could be tricky but Google should have your back. A studio of 30 people may produce a better end-product than you or perhaps yours is better but theirs is delivered faster. Compare and try to understand where the pricing comes from. Alternatively check the average hourly wage of someone in your industry, make that your hourly rate.

Both of those are simple and no doubt you've already tried them. So why are you still struggling? Because now all of a sudden you're not getting any clients because they can't afford you and Timmy's followers are beginning to look like big cartoon roast chickens. It's possibly time to look into your target demographic, perhaps Timmy's Instagram wasn't the right place to start after all. Look into other avenues, who can afford your services? Now make them want it.


If all of that is a bit too much, we've looked into it for you and we even made a price calculator. Feel free to use it as a sort of basis for your pricing.

We encourage everyone to research your chosen profession and make informed decisions about your pricing, this calculator was created using statistics we collected around 3D animation pricing in the United Kingdom.


I hope someone found some use out of this. Feel free to ask any questions below!

See you soon and don't forget to smile!

Lolo & Dee