Mocha Communicates - Marketing Workshop

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hello everyone!

We visited Mocha Communicates in Enderby today for a workshop on marketing! They were lovely people and had a beautiful office (We never thought we'd call an office beautiful but there you go!).

The team at Lead Balloon Studios visit Mocha Communicates Marketing Workshop

We had a blast and learned a lot in the few hours we had there, from the importance of keeping a blog (perhaps why we started this blog, keep reading to find out!) to the power of Rob Moore's podcast's on a growing business! As a business that's currently less than a month old, the idea of marketing ourselves has felt like a distant goal that we will 'get around to', but Gemma and Alex put those misconceptions to bed with some very useful advice!

"If you're not marketing, you're not growing" or something to that effect.

So yeah, we started this blog under the advisement of Mocha, so you've them to thank!

See you soon and don't forget to smile! :)

Lolo & Dee