ScreenSkills - Networking

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hello everyone,

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend the ScreenSkills event in Leicester as an industry professional / table host! A great big thanks to our friends over at Kino Bino for suggesting us to them!

Co-Founders of Lead Balloon Studios attend ScreenSkills event

We had a great time speaking to plenty of industry professionals from throughout the media sector and we met many up-and-coming entrepreneurs eager to get started!

One bit of advice we gave out a lot was to never give up! It seems simple and cliché because it is. As creatives we will all hit a wall eventually, whether you call it writers block, creative slowdown or work paralysis, we all get it.

Taking breaks can be good for your health so make sure you get back up onto the proverbial horse afterwards, set yourself a schedule that includes some you-time to prevent burnout.

Whatever you decide, your goals should be to make sure that you are healthy and happy. Hopefully you can get both out of your profession! Also get some business cards, people! They're fun and affordable and you never know when you will need them until it's too late!

See you soon and don't forget to smile! :)

Lolo & Dee