Secret of The Fairy Tree

Cartoon Proposal



The team at Lead Balloon Studios intended to create a 12 minute animated pilot episode of our project 'The Secret of the Fairy Tree', an animation about friends, family and fairies. The animation planned to feature Soupy, an Irish lad who is searching for his missing sister in the woods. He accidentally enters Otherwood, a mystical world full of fairies and mystical beings and where he meets his new friends: Ghillie, Shonagh and Strawb.


Our task was to create a Kickstarter campaign to fund the 12 minute pilot episode. In order to create the Kickstarter video we produced numerous assets to support the campaign, including character designs, 3D models and script.


To support our Kickstarter campaign we created over 1 minute of animation to help envision what the final product would look like. These animations feature various characters we created for this animated pilot, including the 4 protagonists.


After research into fairy folklore and mystical beings we created the storyboards, animatics and video reference materials to help create the animation. Following from this we designed, modelled, textured, rigged and animated all characters in the animation, as well as the 3D environment.



Although the Kickstarter campaign wasn't funded we still had incredible fun creating the characters and story for Secret of the Fairy Tree. We still intend to return to this exciting project and in time create an animated pilot episode.



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