Treasure Hunter & The Chi

Animated Short



During our time at De Montfort University we proposed a project for the final major project in Animation. Our task was to create an animated short and design and create a story and characters to be featured in it. This project was called 'The Treasure Hunter & The Chi'.


'The Treasure Hunter & The Chi' is an animated short about a Treasure Hunter and her chihuahua companion Chi, who enter an ancient temple searching for treasure. After acquiring the sought after treasure they accidentally set off a trap. Both characters must escape the collapsing temple before it caves in. After the storyboard, animatic and video referencing stages we designed, modelled, textured, rigged and animated all characters in the animation, as well as the 3D environment.


The final animation was displayed at De Montfort University's Degree Show 2017. This was a such a fun project to work on and we appreciate all the help and advise we received from the Animation staff at DMU during this project.


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